Psychopathic Love: Series-1

This is the post excerpt.


Hi! This Series is well about a psychopathic guy and his Love story. His daily love activities may be interesting or might be bored as his girlfriend describe him.


I don’t want to blame her through this series, I just wanna show how we manage to be in love for years.

It was 10.15 pm, After many love fighting and tortures yesterday i got a chance to explain myself to her. As usual she dint listen a single word instead of that she started sledging me. I cried, shouted, busted my head into a pillar. Seriously she dint give a shit of my activities. This kind-hearted guy’s feeling is not all a matter for that rock-hearted girl.

( She is a girl who loves to see me crying. She never said please don’t cry, whenever i cry she will laugh at me and say you are looking good only when you are crying. She loves to see boys begging. She never respected me. These words starts my respect down towards her. )

After some time, she started listening my words. I explained half an hour regarding our past,present,future everything. She just listened silently. She dint reply or interfere while i am talking. After a long gesture i asked her shall we sleep coz already its 11.40 pm, Now she opened her mouth and said “Yes”. Just said a good night, Love you and kept my phone aside.

After 11.40 pm i cant sleep peacefully coz while talking at 9.30pm she said “i dont want to see your face or talk with u in video call because I am not interested to do”. It may be a normal word for some peeps. But this hurted me alot and it starts preventing me from sleeping. It been morning 4.15 am have finished nearly 25 cigarettes.

( I have started smoking cigarette at my college days usually i smoke 1 or 2 in 3 months. But after i fell in this love (i.e) after 2016 June i have become a chain smoker coz of personal issues between us. If i wanna forget something really i need a pack of cigarette. )

I Trust her, but she is not ¬†true to me. I know what she is doing at the time of chatting with me. But i cant ask her and she too wont reveal it. She always do a multiple chat session. i’m a one in that session. She never text with me when i need. She will do only when she get a message from an imp. person.

Since today, i thought she is going to office very earlier to work. But today i come to know she wants to pose for a photo with her colleague. She don’t have time to ping or call. But she have enough time to have a photo session with her male colleagues.

Days goes on, After 5 days again she started her nuisance. She usually does dubsmash , Today she did something and she didnt tell me about what she is doing. I saw some changes in her face